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Our Philosophy

All Matric Dance Car drivers are owners of their cars and therefore take great care and responsibility whilst driving passengers to and from Matric Dance venues. In addition, all drivers are mature and professional in their approach. Drivers are first interviewed and assessed prior to joining Matric Dance Cars.


All Matric Dance car drivers are organised and mature. This gives passengers and their parents a feeling of ease and trust. Drivers always ensure that the overall experience for both students and parents is fun, exciting and safe. All Drivers are regularly assessed. Matric Dance cars relies on positive feedback and spreading the good word. Therefore, passenger enjoyment on the day is important to all Drivers at Matric Dance Cars. 


All of the Drivers at Matric Dance Cars are experienced and mature in their approach. We do not tolerate any hell drivers and never put passengers in dangerous positions. Most of the Drivers are a bit older and are family orientated, therefore protecting passengers and themselves at all times. The Matric Dance Cars drivers have all chauffeured many Cape Town Matric Dances already and are quite familiar with the process of the dance. 


The cars available at Matric Dance Cars are generally either muscle cars or classic cars. Often the high school students want to really experience the true grit of the Matric Dance car. Sometimes the Matric Dance car will be a Ford Mustang cruising the streets of Cape Town or it might be a Chev pickup winding its way around the beautiful Western Cape. At all times, the drivers are instructed to put safety first and will not get carried away with the requests from the Matric Dance passengers.


All drivers use GPS to arrive on time at the pickup and drop off location. Matric Dance Cars has seen drivers picking up passengers all over Cape Town. Matric Dances at hundreds of schools all over Cape Town. Drivers also ensure that they take the quickest and most direct route to pick up the passenegers. this saves costs and time for the paying clients. Drivers are always available via cell phone en route to passengers, so as to stay in touch prior to their departure. Always on time and reliable!

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