Matric Dance Car Hire | Cape Town

Matric dance cars for hire Matric Dance Cars Cape Town, South Africa


Baby Monty

up to 2 hours


half monty

up to 4 hours


full monty

up to 8 hours




The time allocated for a Matric Dance includes a few important points. One must consider that Drivers have to leave where their car is housed and drive to client location. Often, this means driving through rush hour traffic to make sure you get to the location on time. In addition, the Driver also has to drive the passengers to their drop-off location and then still has to drive the car back to the original storage place.



Clients should accept that Drivers are often travelling from different parts of Cape Town to get to  the Matric Dance couple pickup location. In addition, the Driver will then have to drive the couple to the Matric Dance venue. The distance travelled does most definitely impact on petrol used, wear and tear and the time factor. These elements are considered and added together to make up a final distance and time cost.



This website and the cars offered are only made available in the greater Cape Town area. These cars are all owned and loved by people who appreciate and enjoy the classic car experience. The drivers are often the owners, who make time in their day to give high school students in Cape Town the chance to experience a unique car for their Matric Dance. All cars are in excellent condition and daily drivers.