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2021 Herschel Matric Dance back

9 October 2021

Saturday 09 October, 2021 produced another spectacular Cape Town day with clear skies and warm weather allowing the Mustang to happily roar along the highway to the Matric Dance pickup in Bishops Court. The dance venue was scheduled for Kenilworth Racecourse.

The Mustang arrived on time at 3pm at the upmarket Bishopscourt residence. Both the parents and Matric student were very excited to see the Mustang in the flesh. There were many compliments paid by both the hiring party as well as the other students and their respective parents. 

Despite the fact that the commute between Bishopscourt and Kenilworth Racecourse was not very far, both students seemed to really enjoy the classic American V8 grunt - not easily reproduced by the modern V8s. 

Upon arrival at the dropoff, a red carpet and mini grandstand awaited both the Mustang and the guests. Crowds cheering and whistling is all the Mustang needed to let her engine roar. A good time was had by all and hopefully the Matric Dance went super well!